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Well lesson learned

'Her' does not always mean you.

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Whenever an ignorant 13 year old says “I love screamo!!” all I can think is


You’re one of those

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I would very much like to smother your face in kissesz

Awh cutie ;*

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hey angie, I was wondering if you could give me advice. my girlfriend and I (I'm a girl too) are both virgins and have no experience with sex. could you give me tips? we've gotten close a few times but I want to know what I'm doing so I can please her. if you can help, then thanks a ton:)

Oh friend

I am the worst person to ask I’m sorry

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Hair needs to groowwww
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It already is.
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I've been following you for a while now and i have to say you're the most beautiful girl I think I've ever ever laid my eyes on

If you’d like you can talk to me I promise

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you're so mesmerizing

First compliment that actually made me kinda blush Idk how but thank you

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